Hampton University

This is not a 911 or emergency reporting site. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you are seeing an incident in progress, or have been a victim of a safety or security incident, please call 757-727-5666. 

Welcome! You have accessed Hampton University's incident reporting, or TIPS system. TIPS expands the methods by which any member of the college community can share matters they feel need to be elevated or addressed. It is not the college’s intent to replace direct contact with college officials, but instead provide an avenue for reporting campus incidents that you feel need to be shared. 

While anonymous reporting is an option, please be aware that should you wish to remain anonymous, we cannot provide you a follow-up. Therefore, some form of contact information is beneficial. 

This reporting system provides an added mechanism for the campus community to work together to ensure our college maintains a welcoming environment.

To begin, please select your location and the type of incident you wish to report.